Friday, 31 January 2020

Useful Tips Before Moving Your Car or Bike to a New City.

Your dream machine is in safe hands
Are you planning to move to a new city? Well, it is quite obvious that you also plan to move your dream machine – car or bike to the new place.  The cities might be hundreds of kilometers away.  In such a case it is not possible for you to drive your car or bike to the new place.  We make the work simple for you. 
We take care of the documentation
We take care of the documentation needs when shifting your vehicles from one city to another.  Our experts have complete knowledge about the rules and regulations of moving a vehicle permanently to another city.  They handle all that work for you and you don’t have to worry about anything.  We are a licensed and certified company and so you can trust us. 
Proper warehouse facilities
We also have warehouse facilities in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.  Warehousing facilities are a must for carrying out the work of moving cars and bikes.  Since long distances are involved such facilities help to keep your dream machine in safe and perfect condition. 
Why should you choose us for the relocation of your car or bike?
These are the reasons why you should choose us for car and bike relocation to other cities
·       We are economic
·       You can trust
·       Many years of experience to handle long-distance shifting
·       Smooth and hassle-free shipping
·       No damages
·       Saving your money and time
·       Professional approach to shifting
·       Insurance services which help you relax
·       100% shifting from the source to destination
Your vehicle reaches before you
Our planning before shifting is such that your goods reach your destination before you.  Same is the case with your dream machines.  Your cars and bikes reach your destination before you.  You are able to carry on your work and travel to the new place without any hassle.
Transfer of Vehicles – Tips and information you need to know
We also help you in the transfer of documents and filling of forms thereof.  As you must be knowing there are rules of shifting your vehicles when you move from one city to another.  At both places, you need the services of the RTO office.  When your vehicle leaves the city permanently your RTO has to issue a no objection certificate.  Similarly, when your vehicle reaches the new city again the RTO of the new city comes into the picture.  Why?  The reason for that is your vehicle needs to get registered in the RTO of the city.  You are also required to pay the Road Tax in the new city.  For these formalities, there are a lot of documents that our team helps you fill-up.  In a way, we help you in a stress-free relocation. 

Your vehicles reach in as is condition
We know you love your vehicles.  We take care that your vehicles reach your new place without any damage or even a scratch.  We have got specialized vehicles for the transfer of your cars and bikes.  Our experts make sure that there is no damage while loading the cars in these vehicles and also while alighting the vehicle at the receiving end.  Our warehouses are there to store your vehicles when the distances involved are large.  As we have the latest vehicles to carry your vehicles with state of the art warehouses you tension free while traveling to your new city while we take all your tensions and help relocate your vehicle in a safe and sound way.  We value your dream machines equally, as you do.

Thursday, 26 December 2019

Should You Move it or Sell it or Donate it? A Better Option for Your Old Household Items!

Moving to a new place requires a lot of planning. Your finances take a hit. There are various expenditures that are lined up. You always need to think about what has to be done with the household items which you are in possession of. Do they need to be carried along, sold or donated? Money has its limitations. You cannot sell off everything and think that most of the things will be bought at the new place.
But Still, if you want to move all your goods on your own you can read this blog for the helpful suggestion:

How Can You Pack Your Goods On Your Own?

That calls for a lot of expenditure, time and effort. It all depends on the advantage that your goods hold for you. There are various other criteria whether the goods are old and not suited to the present-day requirements. After all the old goods go through regular wear and tear which makes the goods less useful. 

Ø Items that need to be moved along: There always a limit with money as per requirements. It is not that you are moving to a new place you will buy all the items. It items that are of use to you and which are either new or not too old need to be carried along. Why buy them at the new place. Items such as beds, sofas, refrigerators, LED, Kitchen utensils, washing machines, etc. which are of utility to you need to be carried along. The only point you need to care about is that whatever goods you are moving along need to transport with great care. If the distance involved is large it is always better to take the services of packers and movers.

Ø Items that need to be sold: There are various items that need to be sold. Those can be old furniture, old electrical items which are either not of utility to you now or other more advanced models have come which might be of more use. Old washing machines, refrigerators etc. need to dispose of. It would always be better not to carry those items to the new place which you might have to dispose of there. Moreover, the disposing of items will fetch you something. It will also create space for you at the new place which you can cover by buying the latest model of the item you sold off. The utility of the latest model of an electrical item is more than that of the older model. 

Ø Items that need to be donated: It is not that you have to earn a bit of cash after the sale of items. Some items which are of no use to you but can be of use to someone else can be donated. These items can be in the form of old washing machines, LCD’s, refrigerators, small kitchen appliances. If you are thinking about selling them but you think that these things can be of utility to poor people like your maid, car cleaner, guard etc. you can always donate them to these places. These appliances can be used by them since they don’t have money to buy new ones and can be of great use to them or their families.

The decision whether to move, sell or donate can be best taken by you and your family. Since only you know what is better for you. You need to take these decisions considering your finances in mind. It is quite normal that you will be loaded with new expenditures like packing and moving expenditure, new school admissions, rent at the new place and many other expenditures lists of which is endless. Under this situation, it would always be better than those items which are of use to you are carried along.

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