Wednesday, 31 July 2019

How to verify packers and movers in India?

verify packers and movers

The services of movers and packers have come as a blessing to all of us. Especially for people who are constantly on the run and regularly shift not only domestically but even covering internationally. In this fast pace moving environment, people can’t even spare a minute for themselves, sparing time for shifting is a luxury now. With such a time crunch, the entire process of shifting is best handled by experts.

Cloud Packers is one of the pioneers in the shifting process. The company has helped numerous clients all over the world to have a smooth and easy moving process.

Cloud packers stay with you during your thick and thin and help you survive this difficult process as well. However with cloud packers, one does not need to worry! This Packers with its 360-degree services is here for you! Cloud Packers is one of the fastest-growing packing and moving company in India currently.

They have many head offices in the major city of India and here is few of them:

With its extraordinary services and client feedback, the company is booming like anything. Within a short span, the company has managed to build a huge base of clients through its quality services.

A detailed guide of how to verify the packers and movers:

Most of the people in the country and totally unaware of the standard process and safety. Due to low knowledge, costs them a huge hole in the pocket. However, at cloud packers, detailed data is prepared which gives an estimated charge for the entire process. This data has been prepared after years of experience, analyzing many shifting processes.

1. Make a list of a few packers and movers:

List of packers and movers

Having an option is never a bad idea. One should not always rely on the just company. It is advised to make a concrete list of packers and movers in your city.  Take all the quotations and rates from several companies. There is an advantage in this process, through this you get to know the process of every company in detail. You get to compare your needs with the other companies. Also, it is not a very difficult task to find packers and movers. For example, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, PinterestGoogle+, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc. are full of such companies. One just needs to do the efforts of actually approaching them and then talking to them.

2. Background check:

Background check of packers and movers

Just like we do a background check before buying any product or availing any service. We need to do a thorough background check before boiling down to a packers and movers company. One should always read the reviews in details of the people who have available the company’s services. This gives you a detailed idea about how satisfied the customers were. How was their entire experience with the company? Adding on, if one can get the review directly from the customers, it gives a very clear picture of the whole scenario.

3. Prepare an extensive budget before moving: After talking and taking quotes from various companies, it becomes easier to have a budget in mind. Accordingly, make an average budget. Consider all the pre and post cost for the same and leave no stone unturned.

Why choose us? 

1. Services are provided 24*7: Our experts literary are there you throughout the day and night. You are free to contact our team at any time of the day.

2. Experienced experts: We have a team of technicians who are extremely experienced. They have great knowledge of the domain and have years of experience in serving the clients.

3. Cost- Efficient: We don’t believe in overcharging our customers. Our cost model is very efficient and Effective at the same.

Overall, Cloud packers act as a preferred company amongst everyone in the city as well as the country. It has been providing quality services to all its clients for years.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Things To Take Care While Hiring Moving And Packing Services- Cloud Packers

tips to hire a best packers and movers

You may be excited to move to another place or a new home, but deep down everyone knows how stressful moving and packing is. You must pack your belongings in such a way that it can be transported. Transporting expensive things like furniture, appliance, etc. is a daunting task. To counter that you require the help of professional and experienced moving and packing services.

At present, there are plenty of companies that can do the task you desire to be done. However, the catch is how do you decide, which is the perfect service to handle your shifting?

Things To Take Care While Hiring Moving and Packing Services

hire best packers out of all

1.Understand what kind of moving service you require

If you are moving within the Pune city, you may hire local packers and mover in Pune which is not that hard to find, and you have control over almost everything. However, the situation is completely different if you are moving to another city, or a state or even a country. You require a service that offers a long-distance move.

Long-distance movers are different than local movers. In addition to moving your belonging, they also deal with border crossing, which could be a tough task. Once you are sure of what kind of service you want, go ahead with your search.

2. Do Your Research

Best way to start your search is as around you only. Ask any of your colleague or friend who has recently moved. This is probably the best way to find a good moving service for you. Another place is to do a simple Google search. Google has evolved a lot and can show you the best moving services near you with user ratings.  Take advantage of that.

google search

You approach multiple companies. Because you want to compare them and understand what the rates are and what are their working process.

3.Getting Quotes

This is the most important thing while you are searching for moving and packing services. Make sure you get quotes from multiples companies. Quotes must include all the details of the services they are offering. Details services include transportation vehicles, paddings, dollies, cost etc.

Compare them side by side and choose which offers you the best services and suits your needs.

4. Check If the Company Has Right Papers

Right papers mean registrations and licenses. If you are moving to another country, then a mover you hire must be registered with the International Association of Movers or International Federation Of International Movers. Go only with the registered ones.

If you are moving to another state within the country such as Moving from Pune to Bangalore or Bangalore to Pune, the make sure the company is registered according to India Company Act of 1956. One bonus tip, if you are moving within the country you can get transit insurance and theft insurance. This helps you avoid the risk.

5.Plan your move in advance

A great deal of coordination is required while moving. Once you hire a moving service, make sure you coordinate with them and plan your shifting process in advance. So, things are packed and departed on time as well as delivered on time.

Final Thought

Remember don't make a decision based on budget. You may find the cheapest companies to help you shift but they might not be experienced enough or may not professional enough. Safety of your belongs is first, then worry about how much it will cost you hiring a moving and packing services.

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