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Best Time to Shift Your Goods – Month End, First Week of Month or Mid-month !

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Whenever we want to relocate to a new city or a new place within the same city. We are generally worried. How will they handle the goods? Whether everything will reach safely? Such things crop our minds. Very little do we analyse when we should relocate. Whether that should be in the first week of the month, mid-month or month-end. The day we should relocate. Whether it should be the weekend or the beginning or mid of the week. Such decisions influence our relocation work to a lot of extents. These decisions also influence the amount of expenditure we are going to incur on the relocation.
Timing of the month matters
Pros of shifting during month-end time
It always matters when we are deciding to shift. Usually, month-end shifting can be categorized as shifting from 23rd of ending month to 4th of the new month.
Ø    As the rent agreement expires at the end of the month it would always be better to shift during the end of the month so that you can get a new rent agreement made at the new place.

Ø    It would be in your interest if you are joining a new job to join at the beginning of the month.

Ø    Sometimes schools start from the initial dates of the month. So it would be better to shift at the end of the month so as to enable your children to join the school at the right time. 

Cons of shifting during month-end time
In the month end, there is always a lot of people who shift.  This might be due to the end of the lease agreement or joining in a new job.
Ø    It is quite obvious that month-end shifting always entails more expenditure because there is work pressure on packers and movers.

Ø    There is a heavy fluctuation in the rent amounts during the end of the month.  After all when there are a lot of people willing to get rented accommodation the fluctuation in rent amount is bound to be there.

Ø    It is not that packers and movers don’t care about your goods.  They care about your belongings in the same way as you do. But due to the increasing demand for packers and movers and more load of work there is always a chance that there might be some damage to your goods.  Considering such a scenario it is always better to shift in the middle of the month. 
Pros of shifting in the middle of the month
The middle of the month period generally starts from 5th and ends on 23rd of the month.  Shifting during this time has the following benefits.
Ø    You get the best service providers during the middle of the month. People generally, don’t shift during this time and since there is always less pressure of work on the packers and movers, the work that you get most of the time is quality work.

Ø    The rates charged by the packers are movers are less during the middle of the month.

Ø    There is very little chance of damage to your belongings since the work pressure is less.  So you can expect quality work. 
Cons of shifting during the middle of the month
Ø    Generally lease of agreements are not preferable during these times. Most people prefer lease of rent agreement to begin from the initial of the month.

Ø    Most often new jobs or change in jobs is affected during the initial part of the month. Under the circumstances, you are shifting during the middle of the month, there might be problems in a way that either you will have to take a leave to adjust according to the middle of the month when you will get a rented house.

Ø    Mostly the schools of kids start in the initial part of the month. So again shifting during the middle of the month creates problems.

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