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Monday, 2 December 2019

Best 5 Cities You Can Move Confidently in India!

Best city to live in India

Whenever we plan to shift from one city to another we always look forward to the facilities in the new city.  We always desire a city that offers facilities such as affordable housing, top-class schools, best infrastructure, metro facilities, best medical institutions, higher educational facilities, etc.  After all, these are the facilities that every citizen in a city desires and needs at many stages of their lives.
Are you planning to shift your house or office?  We know it is a cumbersome task and often a source of tension.  After all, it is not easy to move from one place to another especially when moving from one city to another.  All cities have different challenges and ways of life.  In the first few months, you have to adjust yourself to the ways of the new city.  There are many cities in India where life is overall comfortable and easy.

i)        DELHI - A city where you find four seasons.  Of course, the weather is like that in many parts of north India.  But since we are talking about cities Delhi is the main city in North India.  It is inhabited by people of various languages, caste and cultures.  People generally move into this city for employment or due to relocation.  This relocation can be in the form of a new job or shifting of the offices to Delhi.  You can find all the facilities available under the sun in this city.  It is quite safe as far as the law and order situation is concerned.  It houses the parliament of India providing this city the seat of power and prestige. 

ii)        MUMBAI – A city that never sleeps.  Reach at any time in any part of Mumbai.  You will get a taxi with super ease.  Even a time such a 2 A.M. will seem as though it is day time. This is the business city of India.  This provides a large number of jobs to the people who live their or who are planning to live there.  It houses the entertainment industry of Bollywood. The central part of Mumbai is costly but you can move to the suburbs for cheaper accommodation. 

iii)     BENGALURU – The busiest IT hub in India as on date.  That is the best part about it as lakhs of students are working in IT companies located in Bengaluru.  It is also known as the garden city of India.  No doubt the city is green.  The city has every facility which a new mover in the city looks for.  Hospitals, educational institutions, a world-class airport, railway stations, IT industry, malls etc.  It is also a shopper’s paradise.   The area of M.G. road has is visited by tourists across the world. 

iv)       PUNE - The city is best known for its salubrious weather.  The weather in the city is best both for the body and mind.  Many aged and sick people who have relocated to Pune have experienced a drastic improvement in their health.  Over the years this small industrial town has evolved into a major IT and automotive hub.

v)       BHUBANESWAR – If you are fond of a serene and calm life this city is the best for you.  You like to go with your family on beaches on the weekends this city is the best for you.  It houses the best educational institutions in India. Recently Bhubaneswar has become the no#1 smart city in India. So take the “Bhubneswar Express” and be a part of the rich culture of this great city. 

If you are planning to relocate to any of the 5 cities mentioned above just visit our website and we are just a call away.  Avail the best movers and packers facility from us and relish your relocation to the new city of your dreams.