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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

A Guide About Moving To Delhi From Bangalore – Things You Can Expect

Most of us need to shift base from one city to another at least once in our lifetime. Ranging from job change to higher education, transfer within the same job and even marriage, numerous reasons might be behind our shifting.

Although Bangalore is a lovely city to live in, its inhabitants might require to move out to Delhi for a plethora of reasons. One of the first things you can expect while moving from south to north India is an extreme culture shock which might take some time to adjust to. But once you get accustomed to the same, nothing can stop you from having an exhilarating time in the “Dilwalon ki Nagri.”

On covering an approximate distance of 1740 kms, you will be welcomed by wide roads with plush greenery on both its sides. From manicured avenues to meandering lanes, Delhi can serve as your ideal platform for creating some precious memories which can be cherished throughout life.

The Delhi Metro rightfully stands out as the pride of the city with its clean and punctual attributes. It functions in the manner of a parallel universe to the vivacious lanes of Delhi you have left above the ground. It is imperative to note here that the entire public transport system of Delhi runs on eco-friendly Compressed Natural Gas. You can thus be assured of lesser pollution and more efficiency in the transportation mechanism in comparison to other metropolitans.

Several swanky malls have also sprawled across the circumference of Delhi stocked with everything from lavish merchandises to premium first copies. You can even get affordable yet premium education for your children from the large array of schools, institutions and coaching classes offering both ICSE and CBSE curriculum.

When in Delhi, it becomes an absolute must to try out the fried and tandoori roasted kebabs You can even munch on Egg Roast and Fish Fry at the Kerala Stall while catering to the shopaholic in you at Dilli Haat. Then there is Paranthewallah Gully around the corner from Old & Famous Jalebiwallah where you can devour north Indian flatbreads stuffed with everything imaginable from papadum to bitter gourd.

Both cultural and religious festivals form an integral part of the street life in Delhi. Although the extravagant and colorful Hindu festivals dominate the scene, you can also engage in the celebrations held by other religious minorities. Winter market in Delhi is filled with Christmas goodies and lip-smacking cakes. A three day Qutub festival is organised in between November and December wherein dancers and musicians from all around the country are invited to display their skills.

As you Shifting From Bangalore to Delhi, you are bound to miss the soothing climate as Delhi is known for its harsh extremities in weather conditions. Even schools and colleges remain closed when the Celsius dips below freezing point in winter and crosses over the tolerable limit in summer months.

The roads also stay jam-packed most of the times due to the abundance of vehicles. You should always leave home with some extra time in hand if you wish to reach you destination by time although it is always suggested to take the metro route for a faster and more hassle-free travel.

Now that you have known everything about Delhi, it is time to bid the final goodbye to Bangalore and proceed with all those last-minute packings. This is where we come in as subject experts to make this process more seamless on the go. We understand that you already are undergoing an emotional trauma of having to let go off your innumerable memories. Our experienced professionals can ensure that you enjoy your last few moments by your favorite spot on the veranda or at the local park in solitude while we take care of all your packing worries.

You can get back to us by visiting our website or calling up our customer care number. Here’s wishing you all the very best for you new chapter in Delhi.