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Friday, 9 August 2019

How to avoid goods damaged during transit?

how to avoid damage during move

If you are moving some goods from one to city to another and you are packing on your own then here are few things you should follow to avoid damages.

1-    Choose the right box and packing material

box and packing material
If you need a safe movement of your valuable goods, the first thing is choosing the right box sizes and proper packing material. Use a three-layer corrugated box with extra length tap, good quality bubble wrap and stretch wrap for moisture and dust protection. Choosing the right size box will be easy to handle and your goods will be fitted properly with the help of packing material.

2-    Don’t use plastic or cloth or fabric bags

plastic or cloth or fabric bags
If you are traveling, then may your plastic or cloth or fabric bags will be a good choice but in transit, it will never. During transit, boxes are kept one on another and fitted in a truck or lorry. Having a proper box with proper packing will prevent you from damage, not your goods.

3-    Full proof packing

Full proof packing

During transit, your packed goods may go through dust, sun and rain also. If it is not raining defiantly moisture. We will recommend you to pack your goods first with bubble wrap, then add tramadol if needed and after putting it in the box, tap it properly. To make your box full proof use stretch wrap. Stretch wrap is a thin self-stick plastic firm will add the outer side of the box to protect from moisture and dust.

4-    Avoid using the oversize box

oversize box
Having a standard size box is always safe in transit and having an oversized box put your goods in risk. An oversized box weight will be high with higher volume space in the container which add more risk of damage to your goods.

5-    Select the right packers and movers.

Select the right packers and movers
Last but most important is selecting the right packers and movers to shift your goods. After completing the packing, you may need a shifting company to shift your goods and carefully select a packers and movers company around you for a safe and fast shifting.

Why choose Cloud packers and movers

cloud packers and movers
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