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Thursday, 6 June 2019

Things to ensure before and after hire packers and movers in Bengaluru.

With all the difficult and tedious tasks which surround us on a daily basis, packing and moving sets a very difficult bar. It takes a toll on the person who has nightmares thinking about the entire process. However, take a chill pill because Cloud packers are here for the rescue. We make the entire process of moving out or moving in a very smooth process. Cloud packer is a pioneer in providing quality services to all its clients. So it’s time for you to sit back and watch.

While loading, packing and moving there is constant stress about breaking of precious things which are expensive, or lose a lot of stuff. However, to avoid such a situation we have a list of dos and mandates one should check before after hiring packers and movers:

Get rid of the clutter:

It’s human nature to keep things cluttered at home. We have a tendency to keep collecting unwanted things at home which do not really have a good use. The first step is to remove all the unwanted things such as clothes, bags, tables, etc. It’s time to be ruthless with the stuff you own. A dress you bought because it was cute and you haven’t even worn it once? Throw it. The more items are eliminated the better the process of moving and packing will be. Our technicians visit you personally and help and guide you with everything.

Organize your belongings:

Instead of just constantly cleaning the bedroom, one must focus on organizing the stuff according to various categories. This helps in keeping a note of the things we own. The experts of cloud packers help you organize your life.

Donate and Sell:

As per research, humans love collecting things and don’t like to give away unwanted things even if it has not been used for years. However, before preparing yourself for packing and moving it is important to build a habit of giving away the waste stuff as a donation. However, items which are expensive and no more of use can be sold off. Cloud packers with years of experience help you with all these little chores as well.

Create a master to-do list before moving:

We tend to multi-task all the time. However, while multi-tasking we forget a lot of important things behind. To avoid such a situation our experts along with our clients create a master moving to do list which is very detailed. We list down every important thing as per the needs and wants of the client and keep a track of it constantly.

Extra packing and moving supplies:

We have a lot of things at our home which is unique and requires special attention while packing and moving. Hence, our team keeps additional supplies and tools which come in use for a variety of stuff. Things such as glass material or expensive electronics require extra care. Our experts keep a note of all the things and provide care to the necessary things.

Ways to contact us?

We are everywhere on the internet. Also, one of the leading packers and movers company in Bengaluru. If you wish to hire us for your moving services, you can email at or give a call at 8105600621.

Our technical team will get in touch with you for all your queries.

We believe in guiding our clients for the pre and after the process of moving and packing. We provide these services at a very reasonable cost as we believe in quality over quantity.

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Friday, 10 August 2018

Hassle and Risks while Plan to Pack and Move Goods by Your Own.

major risk of moving goods by owm

Once in your lifetime, you will most probably encounter a situation where you need to move to a different home. Moving can be between areas within the city or it can between cities. People tend to think that moving is simple and it involves packing your stuff and moving to the desired location. But the truth is, the process of moving is full of hassles regardless of where you are moving to. It is not uncommon for people to decide to move by themselves without the help of a professional packing and moving company. People may be forced to move by themselves because of a lack of financial support or it just could be simply that they are looking to save money.

The problem is that moving by yourself can cause a number of risks. People should be aware of these risks before they decide to start moving by themselves. Some risks associated with moving are discussed below:

1. Waste of Precious Time:
Time is a very valuable resource and you will be wasting your time if you decide to pack and move by yourself. Think about all the items that you own from electronics, machinery, furniture, crockery and what not. All these items have different weights and sizes. Obviously, it will be harder to pack larger items because of their size and weight. An item that is harder to pack will substantially take more time. And considering the countless number of things that you probably own, it would take days if not weeks to pack all the stuff.

Even if you manage to get all of your things packed, the next step would be to arrange a suitable transport vehicle that can help you carry your things to your new house. You will also need to carry all the stuff you have packed onto the vehicle and keep in mind that the packed stuff also includes all the heavy items you own. Likewise, you would need to unload all your stuff from the vehicle to your new house and begin unpacking it which likely took your weeks to pack it.

2. Damage to your own Property:
Packing is an important aspect of moving which needs to be done correctly to avoid damage to your property. Bear in mind that different types of objects require different types of packaging material. You will need proper knowledge of not only what packaging material you will require and but will also need to know about how to pack it as well.  Improper packaging could cause damage to your property.

Transporting items that are large such as furniture and heavy machinery will require proper transport vehicles. Professional movers have the appropriate equipment and vehicles to get this done. If you decide to use your own personal vehicle to transport your belongings, then it could cause damage to both your vehicle and your belongings. This will result in you financially covering for the damage.

3. Cause harm to yourself and others:
The process of moving will require you to load and unload your belongings a countless number of times. You or others that are helping you may be at risk during this process. For example, using the inappropriate carrying techniques can lead to things falling and injuries as a result. Therefore, it is much wiser to hire professional movers who are good at this rather than the risk of possibly injuring yourself and others around you.

4. Financial expenses:
If you think that packing and moving by yourself will help you save money then that's where you are mistaken. On the contrary, it would cost you more money than you think. Think about the packaging material that you would need to buy, the cost of hiring a transport vehicle and paying for fuel, and other stuff that you may need during the moving process.

If you think that professional moving and packing companies will cost you a fortune then you are wrong. You would be surprised at how companies like Cloud Movers and Packers Bangalore offer the best quality packing and moving services at a low cost. So, think twice before you consider moving by yourself just to save some money.

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