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Monday, 6 April 2020

How To Select the Best Moving Out Date For Home Shifting?

Best time to shift your house

Relocation from one home to another is not an easy process. If you are trying to move within a city, you can consider the move a little easy. Are you in Pune and considering moving to another State, Chennai? Well, congratulations! But you need to plan it and one of the most important aspects is the moving date. If you are going for an Interstate relocation, it is vital to select the best packers and movers in town. And not to boast off, our packers and movers Pune team have earned many laurels in the shifting process of not only homes but also offices, car/bike transportation and more. In this article, let us decide on the tips to select the best moving out date for moving your home.
It is not easy to arrive at a common date even though the movement may be local. You need to consider many factors. Failing to prepare a foolproof plan can put you in multiple problems.

Decide the right time to move
How To Decide The Best Moving Out Day
·       Are you a bachelor and staying on your own with your friends? Then it is easy to make a move. If you have only a little baggage, then you can go for the relocation even before two days.

·       But if you have a family with kids, then you need to consider various aspects. If your wife has a job or if your children are studying, a move will spoil their entire schedule.

·       Did you have your own home? Then if you are moving to another state, you need to rent out the place to a reliable family or person.

·       It is mandatory to act in tune with the rental agreement if you are staying in another home. In some cities, you need to inform the owner at least two months in advance before making a move. There are some rental agreements that require the painting of the home before making a move. Have your children damaged a sink? To have a cordial relationship with the owner, ensure you clean the home.

·       The reason to maintain a good relationship with your former owner is it will take some time to update the new State address in all bank accounts of the family members. If you get a mail or important notification, then the owner can intimate you.

The Season You Should Make The Move
In India usually, the dates come between the end week of September and the last week of November. It is the perfect time for moving as the weather will be good. Our movers and Packers in Pune team will always have the best prices for all seasons, so you do not have to worry.

If you are looking service fom pune to spacific any cith this below links will help you find you the right.
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Movers and Packers Pune to Chennai 
But, if you have children and they are going to write an exam, then you should go for another date.

The best time you should move your houseHow About Moving in Winter Season?
The date starts from the last week of November to February. Many do not consider relocating, for various reasons because of the weather.
Luck will be on your side if on a moving day the weather is nice and does not rain. But if it does, you will have to be prepared for the worst situation. If you have children, they would have started school and it is difficult to find another school in a different state where the classes have started.

Spring Season
The date starts from the middle of March to the middle of June. If you have children, they will be writing the last exam of the year. But the weather will be nice and you can make a move.

Summer Season
There will be a high demand for relocation services these months. The children will have a summer vacation but the traffic situation will be worse, as many will opt for going to another place.

How to Select the Best Packers and Movers Company for Relocation
You should have scant regards for money when moving from one State to another. The only factor in your mind should be – the materials should arrive safe and sound. Check for some points such as

Did the company you select have warehouses in prominent places?
Is it the rainy season you have to make a move? Do you plan to live single for some months, before wanting your family to move out? Then you just need a small vehicle to transport your belongings.
Beware of moving companies who quote low service charges. Your goods will get damaged in the bargain to save a few thousand rupees.

If you are staying in Pune, then you have one excellent option. You can choose Cloud Packing and Moving service in Pune for the move. We have the right packages as per your budget. Save time with our supervisor and find out a package that suits your budget and requirements. You can reach your new home as per the schedule with your household goods on time. All the best to live happily in your new home!

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Thursday, 26 March 2020

Shifting of Your Bachelor Items from Bangalore Apartment: Corona Virus Infection

corona virus

Are you a bachelor staying in a Bangalore apartment? Have you got a promotion and moving to your home place in Pune? You made the right plan, selected our able Packers and Movers Bangalore team for making the move. This was the time when the Coronavirus struck the entire globe and forcefully put a stop to every normal activity. Social distancing is the order of the day, but you have planned the entire process. So, what are the plans to move during this epidemic and the shifting of bachelor items? Let us find out.
Is Cloud Packers Shifting Services Still Available?
Yes, in every Indian State. Although we stay committed to our customers, the present situation lies in following the Orders of the Indian Government. Stay focused on this article and you will get to know about valuable tips.
Please note, we have warehousing services with well-furnished rooms available in case of any untoward instances in cities all over the country. In the present scenario, our management has put forward a strict procedure to follow every rule regarding sanitization and other health procedures.
Our team will follow strict procedures to ensure hygiene if in case, the situation gets proper and they have to pay a visit to your location. Keep a sanitizer, paper towels, and soap in your apartment if the present situation recovers so that your items can get transported from Bangalore to Pune. Our workforce can use these materials to remain free from risk. If you do not have these items due to curfew, kindly inform our team. They will bring needy items to your apartment.
Our team members have been given strict instructions to follow the procedures and protocols during the visit. In case, you will like our team to follow a new procedure, have a conversation with our site supervisor.

Do Not Use Thrown Away Boxes
It is well-known that the Corona Virus can live anywhere as long as 12 to 24 hours. So do not pick up thrown away boxes at some shops or in places where they charge you for a minimum. If you have some at home, it is fine. But inform our cloud packers team about the shortage of boxes. They will ensure to bring the right materials for the packing process.
If you are in a high-risk environment such as a PG, consider moving out of the place in a quick time. But ensure the conditions are favorable and as per the Government procedures. When the time comes, go for the relocation but have a conversation with our team.
At present, in Bangalore since 24 March 2020, the State Government has put a complete shut-down. So, no moving process is possible. When the restrictions are lifted, you can initiate the process. Establish clear communication with our team. If you have any doubts about rescheduling with the moving team, kindly ask questions and clarify them.  

Questions –

Is the team handling the relocation process consisting of healthy individuals?
Are some professionals suffering from any type of health problem?
What are the safety measures taken by the management?
This is to keep your health safe and secure. Your apartment goods will also be in safe hands and will reach the Pune location on time.

Other Tips
question for corona virus

You can wrap the tables and furniture in plastic covers. You can dispose of the plastic covers at your Pune residence.
You can seal the food items in boxes and air-tight bags. However, it will be useful if you can dispose of food items.
You can make use of the sanitizer to wash your hands. Wear gloves and face masks during the conversation with a group of people.
Check our quotation and paperwork with patience. You can then sign the form.
Do you have to move to the relocation truck along with a senior person? Then change the plan. Send him by train or bus. Do not make him/her do any kind of heavy lifting work.
Our Cloud Packers and Movers Bangalore team stand committed to following every rule to keep not only our employees but also the customers safe from Corona Virus.

Our relocation team will wear gloves and facemasks during packing, loading and unpacking of your apartment goods.
We understand that many works from home. In case, you are not able to move to Pune due to work pressures, ensure your family members stay in the home to receive your apartment goods.
These are some points to be kept in consideration during the relocation process from Bangalore to Pune. Make your first move by getting your free quotation today. You will get a hassle-free relocation schedule in spite of all the challenges that exist in the present times.
 We assure our team stands committed to delivering the best customer care experience in these challenging times. Due to the heavy influx of calls, there are chances you may have to hold the phone a little longer. We kindly request you to have patience and understand the present situation. Kindly leave a message via email or our customer care executive will get in touch within the scheduled time.

Thursday, 26 December 2019

Should You Move it or Sell it or Donate it? A Better Option for Your Old Household Items!

Moving to a new place requires a lot of planning. Your finances take a hit. There are various expenditures that are lined up. You always need to think about what has to be done with the household items which you are in possession of. Do they need to be carried along, sold or donated? Money has its limitations. You cannot sell off everything and think that most of the things will be bought at the new place.
But Still, if you want to move all your goods on your own you can read this blog for the helpful suggestion:

How Can You Pack Your Goods On Your Own?

That calls for a lot of expenditure, time and effort. It all depends on the advantage that your goods hold for you. There are various other criteria whether the goods are old and not suited to the present-day requirements. After all the old goods go through regular wear and tear which makes the goods less useful. 

Ø Items that need to be moved along: There always a limit with money as per requirements. It is not that you are moving to a new place you will buy all the items. It items that are of use to you and which are either new or not too old need to be carried along. Why buy them at the new place. Items such as beds, sofas, refrigerators, LED, Kitchen utensils, washing machines, etc. which are of utility to you need to be carried along. The only point you need to care about is that whatever goods you are moving along need to transport with great care. If the distance involved is large it is always better to take the services of packers and movers.

Ø Items that need to be sold: There are various items that need to be sold. Those can be old furniture, old electrical items which are either not of utility to you now or other more advanced models have come which might be of more use. Old washing machines, refrigerators etc. need to dispose of. It would always be better not to carry those items to the new place which you might have to dispose of there. Moreover, the disposing of items will fetch you something. It will also create space for you at the new place which you can cover by buying the latest model of the item you sold off. The utility of the latest model of an electrical item is more than that of the older model. 

Ø Items that need to be donated: It is not that you have to earn a bit of cash after the sale of items. Some items which are of no use to you but can be of use to someone else can be donated. These items can be in the form of old washing machines, LCD’s, refrigerators, small kitchen appliances. If you are thinking about selling them but you think that these things can be of utility to poor people like your maid, car cleaner, guard etc. you can always donate them to these places. These appliances can be used by them since they don’t have money to buy new ones and can be of great use to them or their families.

The decision whether to move, sell or donate can be best taken by you and your family. Since only you know what is better for you. You need to take these decisions considering your finances in mind. It is quite normal that you will be loaded with new expenditures like packing and moving expenditure, new school admissions, rent at the new place and many other expenditures lists of which is endless. Under this situation, it would always be better than those items which are of use to you are carried along.

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