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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Best Time to Shift Your Goods – Month End, First Week of Month or Mid-month !

right time for moving

Whenever we want to relocate to a new city or a new place within the same city. We are generally worried. How will they handle the goods? Whether everything will reach safely? Such things crop our minds. Very little do we analyse when we should relocate. Whether that should be in the first week of the month, mid-month or month-end. The day we should relocate. Whether it should be the weekend or the beginning or mid of the week. Such decisions influence our relocation work to a lot of extents. These decisions also influence the amount of expenditure we are going to incur on the relocation.
Timing of the month matters
Pros of shifting during month-end time
It always matters when we are deciding to shift. Usually, month-end shifting can be categorized as shifting from 23rd of ending month to 4th of the new month.
Ø    As the rent agreement expires at the end of the month it would always be better to shift during the end of the month so that you can get a new rent agreement made at the new place.

Ø    It would be in your interest if you are joining a new job to join at the beginning of the month.

Ø    Sometimes schools start from the initial dates of the month. So it would be better to shift at the end of the month so as to enable your children to join the school at the right time. 

Cons of shifting during month-end time
In the month end, there is always a lot of people who shift.  This might be due to the end of the lease agreement or joining in a new job.
Ø    It is quite obvious that month-end shifting always entails more expenditure because there is work pressure on packers and movers.

Ø    There is a heavy fluctuation in the rent amounts during the end of the month.  After all when there are a lot of people willing to get rented accommodation the fluctuation in rent amount is bound to be there.

Ø    It is not that packers and movers don’t care about your goods.  They care about your belongings in the same way as you do. But due to the increasing demand for packers and movers and more load of work there is always a chance that there might be some damage to your goods.  Considering such a scenario it is always better to shift in the middle of the month. 
Pros of shifting in the middle of the month
The middle of the month period generally starts from 5th and ends on 23rd of the month.  Shifting during this time has the following benefits.
Ø    You get the best service providers during the middle of the month. People generally, don’t shift during this time and since there is always less pressure of work on the packers and movers, the work that you get most of the time is quality work.

Ø    The rates charged by the packers are movers are less during the middle of the month.

Ø    There is very little chance of damage to your belongings since the work pressure is less.  So you can expect quality work. 
Cons of shifting during the middle of the month
Ø    Generally lease of agreements are not preferable during these times. Most people prefer lease of rent agreement to begin from the initial of the month.

Ø    Most often new jobs or change in jobs is affected during the initial part of the month. Under the circumstances, you are shifting during the middle of the month, there might be problems in a way that either you will have to take a leave to adjust according to the middle of the month when you will get a rented house.

Ø    Mostly the schools of kids start in the initial part of the month. So again shifting during the middle of the month creates problems.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Top 5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Movers and Packers Agency!

question for packers and movers

Relocation is always a tough task doesn’t matter whether you are shifting your home or car. One of the challenging tasks of the people to choose authentic movers and packers service providers to make their process easier. Below we have listed some essential questions that one should ask before hiring them.  If you Google for any packers and movers for your shifting need you may come so may result and the top searches are ads by google and after that the organic result you will get. You may click on the top one or two and finalize the work and assign some packers.

This process may be the easiest one but we will strongly suggest you to ask a few basic questions to make sure you are giving your goods to the right packers and Movers. List of top 5 frequently asked questions to movers and packers company are listed below:

Question you must ask to packers

Q1:- Are you a licensed company?
Your household items are expensive and essential, so it must be in the right hands. To ensure that movers and packers agency is reliable, ask them they have proper documents prove that their business is legitimate. If they get failed in providing appropriate documents, then it is the red light not to hire a theme for transportation and packing. Always keep in mind, an established and trustworthy company come at your place with all necessary documents and references and testimonials to distinguish themselves from the fake companies. 

Q2:- Ask for references from their past customers?
At the time of hiring movers and packers, ask them to provide a list of past customers who have hired you for packing and shifting. Ask them if they can give you a reference for some customers who appreciate your services and provide full star ratings. The reason why we are encouraging you to ask some cross-questions and documents to save you from the shady companies. Hence, these two questions make sense. So, go and ask. 

Q3:- Since how long they are in the business?
The number of years they have worked will directly imply that how much they have experienced and the quality of service you can expect from them. It is advisable to hire a movers and packers company that has more than two years of experience in packing, and transferring items from one place to another place. We are not saying to avoid new companies, but the thing is when you hire an experienced company, who don’t need to worry about the routes, to packing, unloading, unpacking and re-arranging activities, they will do everything effortlessly. 

Q4:- What is your company’s permanent address?
I am sure you don’t want to fall into the situation when you are unable to find the movers at the destination at the expected time. So, at the time of hiring movers and packers agency, ask their permanent address and office phone number. In the event, if you face any problem, you can easily contact them and share your queries easily. Just in case if you face any problem, with the help of a permanent address you will have a place to locate them. 

Q5:- Are you willing to put all commitment in writing?
An authentic and reputed movers packers will happily write the commitment on paper. Or they share their terms and conditions before signing the duties. Transparency is very important if you want everything will go hassle-free and as per your requirements, then ask them to write all commitment in writing with a sign. 

Choose Your City to Move Your Goods:

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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

An Expert Guide to Estimate Packers and Movers Charges.

Packers and movers price calculation

Packing and moving have never been easy. It is one of the very stressful tasks which people dread about. All the charm of owning a new house or sending a gift to your dear one shatters with the thought of packing, loading, and unloading. However, it's time to throw away all your worries in the bin and take a chill pill.

Cloud packers stay with you during your thick and thin and help you survive this difficult process as well. However with cloud packers, one does not need to worry! Cloud Packers with its 360-degree services is here for you! Cloud Packers is one of the fastest growing packing and moving company in Bengaluru currently. With its extraordinary services and client feedback, the company is booming like anything. Within a short span, the company has managed to build a huge base of clients through its quality services.

A detailed guide of how to estimate packers and movers charges.
consult with cloud for packing and moving charges

Most of the people in the country and totally unaware of the standard process and safety. Due to low knowledge, costs them a huge hole in the pocket. However, at cloud packers, detailed data is prepared which gives an estimated charge for the entire process. This data has been prepared after years of experience, analysing many shifting processes.

- Distance: This is one of the major factors which adds on or subtracts from the cost. The charges are decided on the basis of distance. The shorter the distance, the less the charge.

- Household goods: There can never be one standard charge for this process. The charges depend on the number of goods. The more the goods the highest the charge.

- Labour and manpower required: Labours have an hourly cost hence this cost varies from one shift to the other.

- Shifting timing: Generally, night charges are a little higher than the day charges.

-Insurance: Generally packers and Movers Company have an option to ensure the goods. There might be cases where a few goods get damaged. There are people who are very particular about their belongingness and prefer insuring the goods. Insurance adds to the extra cost.

- Type of Vehicle: There are a huge variety of vehicles which are available. Such as microcars, macro cars, bus, tempo, trucks, etc. The cost of each of these vehicles differ. The choice of the vehicle rests with the customers according to their needs. Someone who has a lot of luggage would require a bigger vehicle which costs more.

- Taxes: Taxes is something which cannot be avoided. They can only differ according to the type of vehicle and the distance. Taxes from Hyderabad to Bengaluru might be lesser than taxes from Delhi to Bengaluru. Micro cars pay less tax as compared to the trucks.

- Additional services: Generally the packers and movers company provides similar standardised services. However, there are times when a customer has its own needs and demands. For such additional services the overall cost increases.

Why choose Cloud Packers?
Choose cloud packers

Cloud Packers is one of the renowned company in Bengaluru. Over the years, we have got the opportunity to serve multiple clients. Here are some of our key features which help us in differentiating from others:

- Services 24*7: Our experts are there to help you and answer all your queries throughout the day and night.

- Trained and experienced staff: We have our experts and technicians who are extremely trained and have years of experience in a similar domain. The services which are provided are very professional.

- After Service: One of our primary mottos is client retention. We don't forget our clients just after the services. We provide holistic after services to our clients and cater to all their needs.

With an extensive client base, Cloud Shifting is now a one-stop destination for all your packing, loading and unloading process. We are here to make your lives simpler and easier.