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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

How Movers and Packers Service Provider Will Help You in Shifting?

shifting of goods

When it comes to relocating, there are two tedious tasks that everyone has to face is packing and transporting. It is not very simple to pack all expensive household items and transport to the new residency effortlessly. It takes a lot of time, efforts and money. To make packing and shifting process easier, movers and packers companies come into the picture. Their professionals come to our doorstep and pack all your items carefully and transport it to the destination without leaving the mess behind.

Nowadays, people are heading towards DIY "Do it yourself," in this approach, some people get failed, and some people get passed. I am sure; you will not take the risk of breaking household items. So, it is advisable to hire movers and packers service provider who will do everything related to the packing and moving.

Generally, we need reasons to do something, it doesn't matter whether it is choosing a career or hiring movers and packers. So, in this blog, we are going to tell you how movers and packers service provider will help you in packing and shifting. So, let's get started.

Roles and Responsibilities of Movers and Packers Service Providers:

work process of cloud packers and movers

  • The packers and movers will provide you written statement which assures you that you are hiring authentic and reliable professionals for packing and shifting. 

  • When you picked their services and set the date and time, they will come at your doorstep in the expected time and offer you the best packing and moving services. 

  • They can also provide you an optional insurance cover for your belongings at a cost. In the event, if your items get damaged while packing and shifting by the professionals, then the company will payout for those items. It is one of the best reasons to hire movers and packers for shifting. 

  • It is the responsibility of the team to hire transport service and labor for loading and unloading items. 

  • The service provider has to inform the client in advance about the team that will be serving them. They should provide you with the name, contact number, and ID proof. Once they reach your place, you can check their ID's and let them work. 

  • The service provider must allow you to track your belongings while you move on your own. This way, you would know the exact location of the moveables. 

  • The service provider takes care of your items and gives maximum safety so that even if any good is damage mistakenly, then he/she can buy the same product without paying money from his/her pocket. 

  • The service provider not only saves your time but also reduces your relocation cost. 

  • The service provider will do every shifting activities like relocation, loading, unloading, transportation, and unpacking.

Final Say:
We hope this article will help you a lot and make your mind to hire movers and packers for shifting. 

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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

An Expert Guide to Estimate Packers and Movers Charges.

Packers and movers price calculation

Packing and moving have never been easy. It is one of the very stressful tasks which people dread about. All the charm of owning a new house or sending a gift to your dear one shatters with the thought of packing, loading, and unloading. However, it's time to throw away all your worries in the bin and take a chill pill.

Cloud packers stay with you during your thick and thin and help you survive this difficult process as well. However with cloud packers, one does not need to worry! Cloud Packers with its 360-degree services is here for you! Cloud Packers is one of the fastest growing packing and moving company in Bengaluru currently. With its extraordinary services and client feedback, the company is booming like anything. Within a short span, the company has managed to build a huge base of clients through its quality services.

A detailed guide of how to estimate packers and movers charges.
consult with cloud for packing and moving charges

Most of the people in the country and totally unaware of the standard process and safety. Due to low knowledge, costs them a huge hole in the pocket. However, at cloud packers, detailed data is prepared which gives an estimated charge for the entire process. This data has been prepared after years of experience, analysing many shifting processes.

- Distance: This is one of the major factors which adds on or subtracts from the cost. The charges are decided on the basis of distance. The shorter the distance, the less the charge.

- Household goods: There can never be one standard charge for this process. The charges depend on the number of goods. The more the goods the highest the charge.

- Labour and manpower required: Labours have an hourly cost hence this cost varies from one shift to the other.

- Shifting timing: Generally, night charges are a little higher than the day charges.

-Insurance: Generally packers and Movers Company have an option to ensure the goods. There might be cases where a few goods get damaged. There are people who are very particular about their belongingness and prefer insuring the goods. Insurance adds to the extra cost.

- Type of Vehicle: There are a huge variety of vehicles which are available. Such as microcars, macro cars, bus, tempo, trucks, etc. The cost of each of these vehicles differ. The choice of the vehicle rests with the customers according to their needs. Someone who has a lot of luggage would require a bigger vehicle which costs more.

- Taxes: Taxes is something which cannot be avoided. They can only differ according to the type of vehicle and the distance. Taxes from Hyderabad to Bengaluru might be lesser than taxes from Delhi to Bengaluru. Micro cars pay less tax as compared to the trucks.

- Additional services: Generally the packers and movers company provides similar standardised services. However, there are times when a customer has its own needs and demands. For such additional services the overall cost increases.

Why choose Cloud Packers?
Choose cloud packers

Cloud Packers is one of the renowned company in Bengaluru. Over the years, we have got the opportunity to serve multiple clients. Here are some of our key features which help us in differentiating from others:

- Services 24*7: Our experts are there to help you and answer all your queries throughout the day and night.

- Trained and experienced staff: We have our experts and technicians who are extremely trained and have years of experience in a similar domain. The services which are provided are very professional.

- After Service: One of our primary mottos is client retention. We don't forget our clients just after the services. We provide holistic after services to our clients and cater to all their needs.

With an extensive client base, Cloud Shifting is now a one-stop destination for all your packing, loading and unloading process. We are here to make your lives simpler and easier.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Advantage of Shifting your Household Goods with Cloud Packers and Movers.

clouds packers and movers bangalore

Cloud Movers and Packers Bangalore, with their services, gained a good fame in short time and became popular in Bangalore and many other cities in India. The aim of Cloud Packers and Movers is to become the top packers and movers service in India and it always strives to achieve the goal with quality services, honesty, commitment, and customer relationship.

It is really hard for anyone to shift their house alone to a new place without any help or support. The trained and qualified staff of Cloud Packers and Movers does packing and moving goods in a proficient way in no time saving your energy and time as well.

Packing everything is a stressful job for the busy people and booking a normal vehicle for moving goods is really a bad idea as they don’t have the latest equipment and don’t take any responsibility for the damage. But, we, Cloud Packers and Movers deliver the goods on time and take the whole responsibility for the goods damage, if any.

Within 2 years, Cloud Packers and Movers became experts in the door to door delivery of goods without creating a minimum loss to customers. Relocation needs a lot of planning which is generally not easy for the people and it can be done only through professionals in packers and movers service.
Cloud Packers and Movers are experts in planning for relocation in no time. The team of Cloud will take care of checking which vehicle is suitable for moving your goods, depending on the goods size and distance. With the modern equipment, your goods will be packed safe that avoids any damage.
If you want to move your office to a new location, it is even hard than shifting a house as everything in the office should be packed carefully without any missing and damage. The professional team of this company will take care of all your computers, files, etc while shifting your office to a new location. Along with packing and moving, Cloud Packers and Movers also offer loading and unloading services to make customers relax and do their other works.

The team of organization ensures everything was packed safely by making use of cellophane sheets, bubble wraps, waterproof cartons, corrugated boxes and cello tapes and your goods will be sent to your new location from old, only after locking and sealing. Transparency is our primary policy and it is the first thing that made customers to trust us. There will be no hidden charges under terms & conditions as our support team will make you clear about everything before starting with us.

Happy customer of clouds packers and movers bangalore

The first preference of Cloud Packers and Movers is always customers and it is our responsibility to provide services without any discomfort. Our expert team not only helps you in packing and moving but also with rearranging and assembling the furniture at proper places in your new location. As Cloud have a huge team, we can allocate enough members for your relocation to support you in placing your furniture and other goods in their places.

Generally, it takes a lot of time for packing, loading, moving, unloading the goods, and assembling them in right places. But Cloud Movers and Packers with their experience and perfect planning make everything in short time for the affordable price. People often confuse of different charges for the services from different packers & movers service providers. The reason is the quality, comfort, commitment, assurance, and safety. We, Cloud movers and packers, provide all the facilities and maintain transparency from the start to end.

Cloud Packers and Movers will make you sit at your place and watch everything or you can even go to your office or gym, anywhere you want as there is no need to waste time in packing and moving. We know time is precious and no one likes to waste it on home or office shifting. Though people try to pack everything on their own, there will be always something missing while shifting the place and here Cloud Packers and Movers help you with their planning.

Insurance coverage for shipping the items is one more advantage you can have with this company. If any damage happens to your goods while transport because of an accident to the vehicle, you can get insurance money, so there will be no loss with Cloud Packers and Movers in any situation.

There are numbers of packers & movers service providers across the country but the reason for Cloud company becoming successful in a short span of 2 years is its dedication, transparency, quality services, and commitment and this is all customers expect from any service provider. There is no need to come to our office to book the services of Cloud Packers and Movers, just a phone call is enough for us to take care of everything.