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Saturday, 31 March 2018

What Actually Indian Customers Want from a Packers and Movers Company?

It is just like hunting when you need packers & movers to shift your goods from one location to other location. But do you think it is so easy? It is really hard to find a genuine company in short time and it needs a lot of research on the web and outside as well. There are many well known packers & movers service providers in India but it is all about what kind of service providers you need the most. Your requirement may depend upon several things like the size of your goods to be transported, equipment needed to pack and shift your goods, safety, and many more.

It is essential not to compromise on anything while choosing packers & movers, as it is all about your favorite and costly goods. So it is really important to check different aspects and most of the people in India know what they want from packers & movers and here we are listing them out. Check it!

Indian Customers Requirements for hiring a Packers and Movers Company:

People while shifting from one place to another, they need the help of packers & movers to transport their goods to a new location and they never want to compromise after all the goods are expensive and valuable as well. Here are the requirements of Indian customers and what they expect from packers & movers.

Quality Services:

This is the first thing any customer will expect from the service provider. Similarly, Indian customers also expect the quality services from the packers & movers. They want their goods to be safe, need transparency from the beginning to end, respect towards them, decent behavior, etc. The quality service providers will come up with all these qualities to maintain customer relationship and customer satisfaction. Without quality, it is really hard for any packers & movers to get leads or customers.

Experience is another factor that most of the Indians consider while hiring packers & movers. People with experience can know the problems faced while transporting and how to deal with the customers as they learn many things with time. The experience candidates will be established already and they know all routes and also hire experts for their job. So, Indian customers prefer experienced candidates over newbies.


Apart from experience, management is also very important for the people who run any business. We generally see many talented people with their management skills succeeded without any experience. So, Indian customers prefer the packers & movers who have management skills though they don’t have any experience.
Manpower: A single worker from packers & movers company cannot handle a big load of transfer for a long distance. So, people in India while shifting their place will select the company which has good manpower so that their work can be done easily and carefully. Also, the manpower must be skilled enough to take over shortcuts and reach the place fast and safe.

Certified Company:

The company must be certified as it is the proof for the customer to trust. These days, customers will check everything before availing the services from unknown company. Particularly, Indian customers will ensure their goods safety before choosing packers & movers service providers. It is important to have all legal papers and certificates which prove the company is good and recognized. For well-built and established companies, people generally neglect the issues of certification. But for every company, it is a must to explain the legal terms to the customer.

These days, packers & movers provide insurance for the goods of the customer and Indian customers will definitely check for it for the safety of their goods. Also, the customers will expect the detailed explanation about the insurance policy as they want to know how they can claim policy if any damage happens to their items. So, agents of packers & movers should explain everything before starting working with the customer.


Transparency is another essential thing that every Indian customer will expect and so it is important for packers & movers to maintain transparency in all issues, from the start to end. Everything should be explained clearly to the customer like price, equipment, the safety of the goods, insurance policy, the time taken to transport goods, distance issues, etc.


Price is the very important thing Indian customers worry about as many packers & movers charge sky-high which is really unfair and unaffordable to normal Indian customer. Indian customers always search for the packers & movers who will provide best services for affordable price. Also, people hate any hidden charges that will be applicable and known only after the work done. So, the companies must explain about the hidden charges too before starting work and it is really a better idea to include everything in the main charges instead of changing in the name of hidden charges.