Monday, 19 November 2018

Insure your Household Goods With Cloud Packers Expert Recommended Plans.

Whenever we take the decision of relocating to a new place, the very first thing which crosses out mind is the safe transit of fragile and delicate items. Thoughts of loading and unloading the same without inflicting any damage in the process can manage to give us sleepless nights all along. In the meanwhile, most of us completely forget about getting a transit insurance done. This is why it becomes necessary to seek out the assistance of professional grade movers and packers who can take care of the entire relocation aspect while providing adequate transit insurance facilities on the go.

Having the backing of a stellar insurance service from the very first day can prove out to be extremely beneficial to customers. While shifting to a new place, chances of your goods getting damaged or stolen in transit remain pretty high. Every year, motor vehicles traverse 2.9 billion miles for transporting valuable goods from one place to another. Whether you are a wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer delivering products with your very own fleet of commercial vehicles, you are bound to require the backing of an insurer who possesses tremendous subject knowledge.

This is where we come in with our immense expertise to keep you covered at all times. Our theft investigative units can keep you free from all worries about damages to your goods as we keep a stringent tab on all the goods which are being transported. We can also guide customers for keeping themselves buffered against criminal activity and corresponding risk.

At Clouds and Packers and Movers, we understand that moving can prove out to be a highly stressful affair. The quantum of stress gets accentuated while shipping items having high personal or monetary value. This is why transit insurance is provided by us to protect you against all chances of loss and damage. Our transit insurance experts can assist you in assessing the value of your items with optimum accuracy to ensure that you seek out the backing of an ideal freight insurance policy.

Unloading and loading of goods can prove out to be an extremely risky affair resulting in the loss of your most prized possessions at times. This is why it is advisable to seek out the help of our in-house experts who can deliver all your goods to the desired place and also in the best-possible condition. An array of systematic and well-organized services are provided by us by adhering to the highest of quality standards.

Our highly trained staff can even pack and unpack your goods as instructed from your end. Supreme professionalism is displayed by our experts to prevent last minute damage during the entire door-to-door transit process as you get acclimatized with the new environment without having to worry much about the nitty gritty of the relocation drill.  

Route surveys are carried out by us using transport details and exact load dimensions for gaining proper knowledge about the exact route which is going to be traversed. Every single detail pertaining to permits, traffic management system, problem areas as well as corresponding solutions are collated in our place by our expert team. In this way, we can ensure faster shipment by conducting a feasibility study in regards to various transport forms.

Cost efficient planning and safety while traveling can serve as two extremely vital components which can assist you with the acquisition of targets. At Clouds and Packers. we employ the best professionals having extensive experience in sending your goods from door to door in the best manner possible.

Upselling customers into buying something is completely against our work ethics. Thus, you can be completely guaranteed that the insurance premium paid by you is in accordance with the optimal level of requirements. Seamless global production requires the stellar backing of timely deliveries by transport companies for catering to their assembly requirements by making use of components which have been shipped from around the globe.

Insurance cover is an absolute must for all types of relocation plan we undertake in our lifetime. Apart from the packing and transportation services provided from our end, we can also keep tab on fire, accidents, riots and sabotage to keep you well braced at all times. Our comprehensive storage services can cater to all the items you wish to ship by stacking it away in a secured storage vault. Both long term and in-transit storage is also looked after by our professionals by adhering to the highest quality standards. The transit risk coverage provided by our insurers can cover a part of the entire value of your belongings so that you can be compensated on the unfortunate occurrence of any mishaps.

You can either mail us your query or call up our customer care number to discuss your relocation plans and for getting our expert advice on the same.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Getting to Know About Mumbai Before Shifting House From Bangalore.

Professionals across the country are increasingly shifting base from one city to another ballasted by nuclear families and driven by career advancements. We agree that it is not very easy to leave your familiar surroundings and enter into a completely new environment. But various commitments might cause us to do the same. Today we are going to take a look at what you can expect while shifting goods from Bangalore to Mumbai.

The first thing which is going to make you fall in love with this city of glitz and glamour is the warmth of its people. Maybe this why people belonging to various walks of life come to this city of dreams for fulfilling their aspirations.

Although traffic is manageable, the roads might prove out to be a bit bumpy. But you can trust the government to come up with new projects every now and then for easing out the transportation system be it in the form of a new metro line or a flyover.

Coming to education, things can really get expensive in Mumbai. It is also hard to find open playgrounds for your kids given the spiraling price of land. However, job-seekers are bound to land in paradise once they set foot in Mumbai which houses more than 50% corporate houses.

As you shift from the IT hub of Bangalore to the fast-paced lifestyle of Mumbai, you are bound to be taken in by surprise. But this wave is going to encompass you sooner or later as you embrace it as a vivacious way of life. You can hardly come across the word ‘lazy’ in the dictionary of the “aamchi Mumbaikars" Be it top notch honchos or petty rickshaw pullers, everyone can be seen trying to strike gold with their specific skill set.

Monsoon in this city goes on from June to September and is bound to take you by surprise with its romantic feel. As you sit by your home or office window and experience the first flush of rain on your cheeks, numerous nostalgic moments are going to come rushing in reminding you of your fun childhood sessions with cousins at grandma’s house during monsoon break.

Since the Mumbai people are too busy with own lifestyle, you can freely roam around even during night time. Thus, you can bid adieu to the constant fear of succumbing to robberies or other accidents as you stroll around its safe neighborhoods even after midnight.

Given the fact that Mumbai is the ‘self-declared’ home of tinsel-town celebrities, chances are high that you might bump into some of them while walking down Marine drive or even shopping at your favorite store. The excitement of seeing your favorite stars in flesh and blood is bound to remain the same even after queuing up in front of ‘Mannat’ or ‘Jalsa’ n number of times.

From addressing everyone respectfully as “boss” to describing your location in accordance with its proximity to the home of superstars, Mumbai is that one place which is bound to bring out the best in you. This city is not going to question you about your identity. It is rather going to embrace you with open arms and urge you to excel in every sphere of life.

In spite of these, you are going to experience a sharp pang of anxiousness as you leave your old Bangalore neighborhood which has given you beautiful memories to remember. But life never waits for anyone and this constant change is what keeps us going.

We understand how you might be feeling while shifting base and bidding adieu to your old home. That is why we provide you with our experienced professionals who can ease out this process and guarantee you maximum peace of mind.

So, leave the packing and shifting to us and make the most out of your last few moments in Bangalore as tomorrow is going to be a brand-new chapter in Mumbai – the city which never sleeps.